TUPE & HR Processes

What is the bereavement leave entitlement?
Procedure for bridging loan?
Can staff have access to career advancement courses such as supervisory courses?
When are the managers pay reviews going to happen as they were due in April as per our contract?
What training will we have from Compass? Can we complete Level 2 Food Safety and Health and Safety asap?
What is the minimum payment into the Compass pension?
Redundancy – How will this work? How will I get paid my redundancy?
Will the expression of wish form still work if Compass were to go into liquidation?
I signed the expression of wish form and it said you get 12 month’s salary upon death in service. On my TUPE data it states I get (as the Manager) 4 times my pensionable salary, will this TUPE over or will it be the 12 month’s pay still?
Is there a policy or procedure for returning approved/denied holiday forms? Do Compass have a deadline for this?
What will happen to my pension?
Will Compass be providing financial assistance for the change in pay date?
Does Compass have a Zenith car lease benefit??
What will happen with the existing OCS cycle to work scheme, when will payments be taken?
Will trade union deductions continue to be deducted from wages?
Night staff have not received a pay increase in line with NLW increase. Will this be reviewed?
Will any staff be moved onto a zero hours contract?
Can I buy extra holiday?
How long do employees have to work for Compass to gain additional leave?
Staff currently pay £25 per month for Private Healthcare, will this continue?
Staff currently have £2.50per day, staff meal allowance. Will this continue post transfer?
Will employees receive a Compass contract? Specifically new employees
Annual leave, not currently authorised. Will this transfer over?
How will sick pay work?
Will 20mins paid breaks remain?
Do Compass allow employees to work after the age of 65?
Will I be able to purchase Compass shares?
Will we continue to have access to ‘Perks at Work’?
Hospitality receive PILON after 5.30. Will this continue?
What is the Compass policy in regard to hospital & GP check ups? What is the Compass policy in regard to hospital & GP check ups?
What are the Compass overtime procedures?
Some employees have changed job role, but are not currently receiving the correct rate of pay. Will this be corrected?
When will we receive login in details for online training?
What reward & recognition schemes do Compass operate?


What will the uniform be and what will the allocation be?
What will the new menus look like?
When will the OCS network be disconnected?
When are the coffee machines going in?
When are the photocopiers going to be replaced?
When are the vending teams being trained on the new equipment as they will be on holiday over shutdown?
Are we providing vending in the shutdown (Solihull)?
Will the tills and cashing up procedure change?
Will be receive, food training for the presentation and cooking of the dishes on the menu to Compass standards?
When will we be receiving food orders?
What food will we be providing in our two week shut down? As we only have the main kitchen open
Will we be given early access to look at what food Items we are allowed to order from what suppliers?
What will be the main Menu moving forward (4 or 8 weekly?
Is anybody coming to site from Compass before the handover?
When new e-mail and login details be made available?
Will we be required to work over the weekend of the hand over?
Till template update
Will the new menus display clearly if the dish is Halal?
Will the meat supplier happily disclose if the meat is Halal, as the Union will require proof?
Will the Halal meat conform to standard HMC or HFA?
Can all unit managers meet Compass to understand mobilisation plans, pre transfer?
Who will manage the transferring WH Smith employees?
Will the WH Smith pay rates change to match OCS?
Do staff have to wear safety shoes?
What will the uniform be and what will the allocation be?
Will outdoor coats be required?
Who will launder the chef uniforms?
Could employees purchase their own black work trousers?
I have a company mobile phone, will I receive a Compass phone?
Will we be able to use agency staff moving in the future?
What will the new menus look like?

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